Welcome BlueStack – The First European in-app header bidding solution

Our ad serving and monetization platform BlueStack with integrated SSP (supply-side platform) and many other SaaS features enable publishers to autonomously, directly and programmatically monetize their own digital advertising space in mobile apps and websites. Another feature is the optional GPS data monetization service, the only one of its kind in Europe, which offers publishers an additional revenue opportunity independent of advertising campaigns. Thanks to in-app header bidding, app publishers are becoming increasingly independent of the market influence of US tech corporations. Using a separate SDK (Software Development Kit interface, app publishers can decide whether they want to monetize the data available and actively release it by the user for marketing purposes.

In the future, BlueStack is to be expanded to include the functions of a self-service DSP (demand-side platform) so that advertising clients, agencies and advertising networks can both market their network reach and refine accessible target groups through programmatic inventory purchases.

As the first European solution, BlueStack enables its users to sell digital advertising space programmatically via in-app header bidding. In addition to increased revenues and above-average fill rates of 80 percent and higher, we provide participating publishers with a central strategic advantage: increasing independence of the market-dominating tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, especially for small and medium-sized individual publishers. Networks that currently do not support header bidding in apps will continue to be requested in the classic waterfall logic to fill the available advertising spaces. Also, BlueStack is the first data-based SSP that allows publishers to directly exploit geo data from their apps while being GDPR compliant. The platform is currently in use in Germany, France, and Italy and has already been embedded in more than 200 European premium applications from the madvertise network, such as magazines from the Funke-Mediengruppe, MTV, Rakuten or Météo France.

BlueStack is to be continuously expanded and is the cornerstone of our strategy to position us more broadly and drive innovation in a fast-moving business environment. In the coming months, we want to steadily expand the portfolio of the ad serving platform and perspectively connect publishers and advertisers in a full-stack platform – to put monetization on a broader footing by eliminating the usual intermediary players for publishers.